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Book Review: The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid
Title: The Red Pyramid (Book 1 of the Kane Chronicles)
Author: Rick Riordan
Publication Date: May 4, 2010
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Pages: 516
Age Rating: Readers above the age of 10 due to length and advanced language
My Opinion: 8/10

Hi, Readers!

       Rick Riordan is most famous for his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, so his Kane Chronicles series tends to be somewhat overlooked.  Instead of focusing on Greek mythology as in Percy Jackson, the Kane Chronicles books are all about Egyptian mythology.  

Sadie and Carter
Sadie and Carter
       In the first novel, the Kane Chronicles introduces Sadie and Carter Kane, vastly different siblings who were separated during childhood.  Sadie lives in England with her grandparents, while Carter travels the world with his archaeologist father.  On Christmas Eve, the two kids witness their father being captured by the Egyptian god Set.  They must do everything in their power to stop Set from overthrowing the order of the world.  Along an intense journey, they befriend the cat goddess, Bast, Khufu, the basketball-playing baboon, and Zia, the magician, but in the end it comes down to Carter and Sadie to use their godly powers to defeat Set and save the world.

       The Red Pyramid is followed by The Throne of Fire and The Serpent's Shadow.  Sadie and Carter Kane must work together to find the sun god, Ra, and eventually defeat the root of all Egyptian evil, the Chaos snake Apophis.  All three books are told by Sadie and Carter and are filled with plot twists and interesting facts about ancient Egyptian mythology.  They are fun (and funny!) reads that are perfect for upper-elementary and middle school students.
The Kane Chronicles books
The Kane Chronicles

       My absolute favorite part of The Red Pyramid is how Rick Riordan is able to create characters with such depth in an action-packed setting.  Even Khufu the baboon is not one-sided!  The deepest character would have to be the cat goddess, Bast.  She was losing an eternal battle with Apophis when Sadie and Carter's parents offered her a way out.  Now living in the real world, Bast struggles through an internal battle of right and wrong, all while defeating perilous enemies and protecting the Kane children.  The Red Pyramid  has excellent characters to analyze.  

       If anyone is looking for an easy-to-read, action-packed, and hilarious novel to read over summer break, check out The Red Pyramid.


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