Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Release Halloween Book Review: Steelheart

Title: Steelheart (Book 1 in the Reckoners series)
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Publication Date: September 24, 2013
Publisher: Delacorte
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 384
Age Rating: Readers above the age of 13
My Opinion: 9/10

Hi, Readers!

         Halloween is quickly approaching, bringing along costumes, pumpkins, and (the best part) candy.  This year, I've been getting into the spooky spirit through reading, as well as decorating.  I am currently reading Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson.  Steelheart is great because it has the superhero plot line of a comic book and the character development of a novel.

       When Calamity strikes, the post-apocalyptic United States is divided up and taken over by various Epics.  Epics are super villains with unique powers such as invincibility, illusion, and super strength.  One Epic, named Steelheart, takes over David's town and kills thousands of innocent bystanders, including David's father.  Seeking revenge, David joins a band of rebels called the Reckoners, Epic assasinators.  He must determine whether humans will ever have a chance to take back their country by attempting to defeat the all-powerful and practically invincible Epic, Steelheart.
Steelheart's alternate cover

       Steelheart especially appeals to males because the main character, David, is an eighteen year old man.  He tells his tale of seeking revenge in a masculine perspective, but the story includes a number of strong female characters as well.  David is rescued numerous times by an Epic-fighting, gun-wielding powerhouse named Megan.  Both boys and girls will enjoy reading Steelheart because of the wide variety of characters and personalities.  

       Although this book follows a superhero and super villain theme, it also includes a great deal of comedy.  David, a very nerdy and awkward character who has to grow into his personality throughout the novel,  loves to create hilarious puns that don't always make sense but are very comedic.  For example, David describes Diamond the gun dealer by saying, "He had a smile like a parrot fish, which I've always assumed look like parrots, though I've never actually seen either" (143).  David has exceptional insight into situations, but he cannot always formulate what he is trying to say, which makes reading his speeches very funny.

       Halloween's not just about the ghosts and the goblins - superheros  and villains are some of the most popular costumes for 2013.   Steelheart got me into the Halloween mood because of it's action-packed scenes of superheros and super villains battling it out.  Make sure you put Steelheart on your reading list because it is sure to become a big hit.

Happy Halloween!

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