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Book Review: A Match Made in High School

A Match Made in High School
Title: A Match Made in High School
Author: Kristin Walker
Publication Date: February 4, 2010
Publisher: Razorbill
Genre: Realistic fiction
Pages: 278
Age Rating: Readers above the age of 12
My Opinion: 6/10

Hi, Readers!

       If you are a young adult reader looking for the perfect way to pass the time on a snow day, then A Match Made in High School is the book for you - a quick, easy, and entertaining read.  It certaintly lacks depth of characters and ideas, but it has a fun plot line.

       Fiona Sheehan is a senior when she discovers the horrifying news that her high school is adapting a Marriage Education program, all because the principal had a messy divorce over the summer.  Fiona and her classmates are all partnered up as "husband" and "wife" for an entire year. and they must complete a monthly budget and participate in activities together.  Of course, Fiona gets paired up with the biggest jerk in her grade, Todd, whom everyone else seems to think is the coolest kid ever.  Todd's girlfriend, Amanda, gets paired up with Fiona's crush, Gabe, and Fiona's best friend, Marcie, is paired up with a random boy named Johnny who keeps to himself.  Countless bouts of drama unfold throughout the year as Fiona and Todd begin pranking one another.  At the same time, the school staff begins to crumble under countless complaints and attacks on the Marriage Education program.  Fiona has to come to terms with her "husband" as well as herself if she wants to have a senior year worth remembering.

Fiona does not like her forced "marriage" with Todd.
Fiona does not like her
forced "marriage" with Todd.
       Even judging from the plot line I outlined above, it is easy to tell that A Match Made in High School is not exactly deep.  It is filled with high school drama, romances, and conflicts that are all simplified down so that younger readers can understand them.  Walker attempts to include different social issues in the book, such as cheating, but they failed to capture my attention while reading.

       What I enjoyed most was the personality of Fiona.  Although she is self-involved at times, she is extremely individualistic and does not care what others think of her.  Fiona is a very strong female lead who carries the novel because of her funny viewpoint and narration.

       A Match Made in High School kind of reminds me of a cheesy-but-good television show - it is entertaining and will keep you watching (or reading, in this instance!), but it won't change your life in any way.  The novel is cute and fun to read, so I would recommend it to teens who are looking for a quick book to read in an afternoon or a weekend.

Happy reading!

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