Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Reading *Reinspirations*

Hi, Readers!

       Long time, no see.  It's time for a heart to heart.  Yes, I know it's been a while since my last post.  Just under a year, to be exact.  Over my past two years at college, I've grown both intellectually and emotionally... blah blah blah.  Excuses, am I right?  Well, I came to the realization a couple of days ago that my interests have shifted.  Instead of picking up a good book and reading before bed, which I've always loved doing, I've strayed towards other hobbies such as the bottomless pit of Netflix.  Well, as the saying goes, new year, new me!

       This year, I want to get back to the basics and rekindle my love of literature while blogging along the way.  I'm not taking any reading-based English classes this semester, so I'll (hopefully) have plenty of time to read some great YA books on my own.  I strive to further develop my voice as a blogger and a writer, so expect some sassy reviews coming up.  Also, I aspire to connect more with other bloggers and check out some different book review blogs.  If you have a post that you think I'd find interesting, please drop me the link in a comment!  I hope that you enjoy and connect to my future posts and that you share them with your fellow book lovers.

       I'll be the first to admit that it's sooooo easy to get wrapped up in day to day life and not read a pleasure book for months on end.  From becoming obsessed with the latest binge-watching television craze to signing up for endless exercise classes to making time for friends and family, it sure is difficult to leave time for reading.  Here are a few of the ideas that I've come up with to *reinspire* myself to read.

  1. Ask friends for book recommendations
    Wolf by Wolf
    My latest recommendation

    I always love talking to my friends and teammates about current pop culture, from hip Spotify playlists to film releases to Netflix shows.  Why not add books to the mix?  Reading a novel recommended to you by a friend not only gives you enjoyment but also a fantastic conversation topic.  Finishing the suggested title gives you the perfect excuse to go on a coffee or lunch date and discuss themes.  For those readers over 21, consider turning your discussion into an evening complete with wine and a movie viewing of the title.  Plus, it'll make your friend feel warm and fuzzy that you took their recommendation.

    My friend Kim just told me about Wolf by Wolf, a historical fiction/dystopian thriller by Ryan Graudin.  She even let me borrow her hardcover copy while on vacation.  Once I finish reading it, I'll be sure to report back to her so we can pour over the controversial plot line and intense characters.  I can't wait!

  2. Check out the latest pop culture craze

    What do series such as Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games have in common?  They all hit it big time and became pop culture phenomena.  Although novels like these may seem unoriginal, they all became popular for a reason - they catch the interest of readers.  Don't get wrapped up in that hipster facade and become afraid to read a "cliche" YA novel just because everyone else is reading it too.  Odds are, you'll end up enjoying it and you can become wrapped up in the world of fandoms and fan fiction.

    Pop culture crazes
    A few pop culture crazes

  3. Find your reading spot
    My lunchtime read
    A tasty lunch date with my book

    In order to focus on a good book, you need to find the perfect reading spot.  The ideal reading spot is quite like a prime piece of real estate - difficult to come by, but worth the investment.  Qualifications include minimal distractions, ample lighting, and comfort.  Personal recommendations include the beach, your bed, or a coffee shop.

    Just this afternoon, I brought The New Rules of Marketing and PR, an informative business guide by David Meerman Scott, to a nearby lunch joint.  I enjoyed a delicious salad and iced coffee while learning about inbound marketing methodology.  Let's be honest, reading anything for school isn't exactly fun.  But getting out of the house and finding the perfect reading spot, complete with tasty snacks, improved my reading experience exponentially.

  4. Go out and buy a book

    Absolutely nothing against libraries here.  They're great.  Who doesn't love free books?  But if you're stuck in a reading rut, going out and buying a book is the perfect way to become *reinspired*.  Physically spending money on a book might make you want to read it more because you're already financially invested.  Then you can force yourself to carry the book around with you until you eventually read it.

    Of course, buying a book may not be an option for everyone.  I can personally attest that the budget of a college student doesn't always allow for shopping sprees.  For those of us tight on funds, I recommend checking out used book stores and library book sales.  You can walk out with a receipt and a shopping bag for a fraction of the cost.  Another perk of buying a book every once in a while is that you can start to build up a personal library.

       I'd love to hear how you *reinspire* yourself to read after a long literature drought.  Please feel free to share any thoughts and ideas below to help me with my own personal reading reinspiration.  Best of luck to all of the younger readers out there with the start of a new school year.

Happy reading!

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